Researchers carefully re created in the research program the problems about the days of the fires. Employing high speed cameras and electron microscopes, they observed that if hit upon a rock, groups comprising titanium can develop sparks of up to 3,000 degrees that may burn for higher than a minute, claimed James Earthman, a chemical engineering and materials science lecturer and a writer of the study. And that provides plenty of time to the spark to ignite nearby vegetation, he said. Titanium reacts violently with both oxygen and nitrogen in-the-air. In contrast, when normal stainlesssteel clubs were used, there was no reaction. Most golf equipment have metal minds but people are also made by many suppliers having a titanium alloy element inside the mind. Such metals are 40 percent light, which could produce the team simpler to move, experts stated. Concialdi mentioned the Fire Authority is providing people utilizing titanium clubs agreement to break the rules and boost their lie that is, to move their ball far from rocks and dried vegetation. Should they must take a penalty, take a penalty, he said.

The Open returns to Troon in 2016.