it absolutely was designed by Pete Dye, whose torturous pockets have offered him the nickname, Marquis de Grass. Evidently, the magazine publishers haven’t enjoyed Mountain-View Country Club, a few of which lies in Corona. In the past five decades, it has become so very hard that even the top PGA players have averted it. The fairways play-like the hard at additional programs. The difficult requires a team several players have within their baga machete. The vegetables are, properly, unforgiving now that the banners are removed and the slots have been filled in. Having played one hole earlier in the week, Identification claim Mountain-View makes additional classes seem like Fortress Park. Its just too bad that Mountain-View has been shut since January 2009; it would produce a good site for the next U.S. Available. Jim and Edna Butner remember the nice past when Mountain View was a semiprivate team that drew leading people and managed elegant interpersonal occasions in its clubhouse.