These help the ball correct any natural slice or land — making you a better player. But isnt playing with Polara much like bowling with gutter bumpers or mowing the lawn with training wheels? If you are continuously hammering to the trees and out of bounds, tennis isnt fun anymore, was told by Felker. Were not out to improve the principles of golfing, just how much it can be appreciated by beginners. Experts may crow, but 25 years later the USGA still doesnt consider the baseball is good for the game, regardless of the skill level of the gamer. While the later version of the Polara ball hasn’t been presented to the USGA for examination by the supplier, their description of the ball shows that it’d not conform to The Principles, just like the 1980s version didn’t conform to The Guidelines, Dick Rugge, technical representative of the U.S. governing body, told Felker shoots back, indicating the business has bent the guidelines for fun players in alternative methods, including recently banned wedges that function greater lines for grasping the ball. For recreational participants, the USGA claimed you can still enjoy these USGA tournament-prohibited wedges, provided that you are not really a tournament player, he said.